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  1. Like the ‘zine? We encourage you to spread the word about the site, upcoming issues, our artists, etc! The more people that know about the project and support it, the more issues we can create and more artists we can support! Artist names are listed in each issue’s store page and inside the issue and we make a point of posting about them on our social media. Please join us in our efforts to bring artists together to create something fun and awesome for all!
  2. All content on this site belongs to or is posted with permission by Canvas Swap. Please respect the time and effort Canvas Swap and it’s artists put into each issue. Making our paid content available to the masses and other such violations impacts all those involved in this project and makes it harder for us to run each issue.
  3. While we do curate our ads/listings as best we can, we support all kinds of artists, even ones who’s content may not be suitable for younger audiences. While we do our best to check to ensure that such content is behind log-ins, age filters, isn’t illegal etc., we are not responsible for external content outside of what is directly hosted on CSZine.com

Please be aware that our terms and privacy policy can be updated at anytime.

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Privacy Policy

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We try to collect only the very minimal visitor data necessary to maintain the business and the site. We do not sell your data to third parties but please be aware that some services in use on this site and for our business, might use collected data for their own purposes (to run their services) and that will be laid out by their own privacy policies. Some of this information may be collected directly, as through the contact form, some may be collected through our shop sites and some might be through “cookies”, small files placed on your computer that log specific information about your visit. Sometimes these are needed to ensure smooth working of the site, and some might work in conjunction with analytics to provide useful data to our staff that helps us figure out how visitors are finding out site, etc. Below is more information on each way our site may collect data, to the best of our knowledge.

If you provide us data that is meant to be displayed publicly or is posted in a public place (reviews, interviews, artwork, sponsor listings, comments, social media interactions, etc) then those will be public as intended, unless there is some reason to remove it such as it being spam, a miscommunication, it breaks our site rating, etc.

Contacting Us:
If you contact us through private means like our contact form, email or any of our social media(direct messages), the communications and information given may be stored in our inbox or by that social media service as a record of our conversation in case there is ever a need to return to it or reference something you’d requested, in the future. None of these communications will be made public unless there is a legal requirement to do so, you are contacting us with information to be made public (interviews, art submissions, reviews, etc), there is some need detailed in that specific social media services privacy policy (be sure to view the privacy policy on the site you contact us on if it is outside of CSZine.com or our email), in the case of providing proof of an incident, etc. Communications to us through our contact form/email may be stored indefinitely as a business record, however social media sites will have their own details on their stored data in their own privacy policies and some make it possible for us to save and store our records on our own as well, which may be stored if necessary. You can find our social media sites on the contact us page and can view their privacy policies by visiting their sites.

Shop Orders:
Information given while ordering from our various shops remain private unless there is a legal requirement or if something is needed to fulfill the order through a third party service, who may use your data in accordance to their own privacy policy. (Ex: A mailing address, legal name and phone number may be required to mail an order to you and thus, the shop and/or post office will need this information and will adhere to their own privacy policies.) These records may be kept for our own business records and some of this information may be required for legal requirements of running a business. If you order directly through a third party shop of ours, your information will be dealt with in accordance to their own privacy policy, while any records given to us may be stored for business records.

We retain names/email addresses provided for this so that we can send out the newsletter properly to those who have requested to receive it. You are also asked twice to confirm your sign up, once on the page where you input your information and an extra confirmation emailed to you. We do not use this information for anything but this purpose, however, please be aware of MailChimp‘s privacy policy as well. You can unsubscribe at anytime at the bottom of the emails or by contacting us. MailChimp/Google Analytics may collect basic information from the newsletters such as subscribes, unsubscribes, opens/clicks, email clients used, locations, archive visits, etc.

Artist Applications & Agreements
Both the initial application (Google forms) and artist agreement (signed terms and agreement of your official involvement in the zine) are retained for our business records and contain personal information which will remain private with the exception of portions that are intended to be public (your social media/website links that are used to credit you and your work in the publication.) The agreements are kept as legal records of your involvement and include information required for us to involve you and provide compensation to you. The applications are kept as an up to date list of who is interested in participating in the project. If you no loner wish to be on our application list to be chosen to take part in the zine, please contact us and requests that your application be deleted.

Sponsor Listings/Affiliates:
Sponsor listings come from a number of places and they are all OPT-IN ONLY. No names are posted unless given. You can get your name/alias on our sponsor list or in our book by supporting the project, either through Ko-fi, Patreon ($3+ or super sponsor), or through large purchases. You can request your name be removed at ANY TIME. If you are a patron, please contact us on Patreon, if your name is on the list for other reasons, please contact us here.

Affiliates are mutually agreed upon advertisements, either as ad trades with other artists/events/businesses, used as thank you’s to those who have helped Canvas Swap in some other capacity than funding, etc. They are only posted with permission and can be removed at any time by contacting us.

WordPress, Google Analytics:
We use WordPress to run the site as well as Google Analytics to help us gather general data about our visitors such as, when the site was visited, What browser/operating system the user was on, how you visited the site (clicked a link, searched, etc), what pages were visited, etc., based on your IP address. This is all to help us review and improve our marketing and target audiences. To the best of our knowledge, our google analytics setup does not collect more personal information such as name, age, gender, etc. Your data is retained for 26 months, however is reset on new activity to the site. Please be sure to read Google’s privacy policy and related information!

If you have any questions or concerns about all this, please Contact Us.