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Super Sponsors

Super Sponsors are people who have supported the project through our Super Sponsor Patreon Tier or have helped fund the project with $200+ donations/purchases. (Super Sponsor Patreon Tier includes a character icon.)

Patreon Sponsors

These are our currently active $3+ Patreon sponsors. Become a patron today and get your name here!

Bozo Lummox, Tibo, Kody Orpurt (OmniOtter), WDG

Ko-fi Sponsors

This lists all those who have supported the project over on Ko-fi

These supporters helped right from the start and made CSZ possible in the first place.

Bozo Lummox | Korozar | Naiser | Anbessa | Skyican | Tibo | Thea | Akonite | Kody “OmniOtter” Orpurt | TLD | Memokkeen | Fala | WDG | Khanaar | Brandon Cyr | Asalis | Choco | Seanz | Tyins