Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Physical Zine?

You can get a physical zine through our Patreon or through each of our artists’ pages. Artist sales are reblogged/posted about on our social media

What is Canvas Swap?

It is a collaborative art ‘zine. More information can be found on our about page.

Is there a Newsletter/Mailing List?

Why yes there is! Sign up here.

I heard you have ad space available in each issue?

Correct! Each issue has at least 3 large ad spaces available (sometimes 4) on the inside back cover and one large ad space inside the front cover. Medium and small sized ads will take over a large ad space so slots will vary depending on what people buy for that issue. (2 medium sized ads fit inside a large ad space and 3 small sized ads fit inside a large ad space. An issue can have anywhere from 4-12 ads depending on the sizes bought.)

Large ads: $25CAD – TemplateClaim your slot
Medium ads: $15CAD – TemplateClaim your slot
Small ads: $10CAD – Template  – Claim your slot
*Cost may change so be sure to check back!

Ads are due by the 15th before the next issue’s release date!
May 15th, Oct 15th

I'm looking to apply as an artist or am curious about the details.

Your interest in this project as a creator means a lot to us! All the information about applying, compensation for artists, general information about timelines, etc., can be found here.

I have a complaint about your PDF prices...

The price reflects the cost of the production of each issue and takes into consideration that we are a new publication with a small fan base. As our fan base grows and more sales occur, it is likely that prices will change because we are no longer relying on the few to keep us running. (We try to mitigate higher costs by running events during the year to help fund our needs while giving the donors cool digital swag, including cheaper PDF costs, so if cost is an issue for you, stay tuned for our event listings in our blog and social media!)

I see you take donations... Where does this money go?

All income to the project goes right back into the project to cover running costs. These costs consist of (but aren’t limited to) yearly website/domain costs, marketing, printing, shipping, supplies, and more! We also of course try to have a little padding in case we have any emergencies come up, for example, an issue with a print run and having to do it again/express shipping.

At this time, our artists are compensated with copies of the zine to sell for their own profit and our staff are not paid at all for their time. While many of us participate because we believe in the project, we know that it is not really sustainable long term if we cannot give more compensation for all the hard work that goes into this zine. More information on our goals and income breakdowns on Patreon

Our current artist compensation and application details can be found at here.