Artist Application Info

First and foremost, we want this project to be fun and enjoyable for those involved. We want to promote a good collaborative and friendly environment for all our artists and encourage networking during each issue’s progress.

Please understand that there are only three collaboration artists per issue, one solo cover artist per issue and only 2 issues per year. As such, we may not be able to accommodate everyone! We will certainly do our best but please do not take it to heart if we cannot place you!

There are ~3 months of work time per issue with deadlines for each stage of the collaborative pieces. Artists are expected to be able to complete their portions for each deadline so that they can be passed on to the next artist and everyone has enough time to complete their stages until completion.

The cover artist has the entire 3 months to work on their piece for the cover, start to finish and is expected to be a fully coloured and shaded piece unless the theme conflicts and/or an alternative approach is agreed upon.

Please be sure to read ALL of the sections below before applying. You must be at least 19 years of age (and a legal adult in your area of residence) to participate.

General Info

  • Three collaborative artists per ‘zine and one solo guest cover artist
    • We accept all styles of 2D visual art!
    • Digital/Traditional is fine as you work/scan at 300dpi+. (There are Templates)
    • Art must be PG (Barbie doll nude if nessesary. No gore, excessive blood, etc)
  • Biannual (~3 months to work per ‘zine)
    • March 1st-June 30th
      • Applications Feb 15th (Artists may be brought on and can start before March 1st)
      • Sketches due March 20th
      • Inks due April 20th
      • Completed pieces should be in by May 20th to give time for post production, printing, mailing, etc.
      • Goes live in the digital store for June 1st
    • Aug 1st-Nov 30th
      • Applications due July 15th (Artists may be brought on and can start before August 1st)
      • Sketches due August 20th
      • Inks due September 20th
      • Completed pieces should be in by October 20th to give time for post production, printing, mailing, etc.
      • Goes live in the digital store for Nov 1st

At each stage of the piece for the collab artists, it will be swapped with another artist so each artist will sketch, ink and colour a different piece. Example below:

     These ‘zines will be Fantasy/Sci-fi based, meaning you can draw pretty much
anything as long as it has some kind of element that fits the theme (if any) and follows the
PG guidelines. Please also be sure that you have the rights to the characters that you use in
the ‘zine. We will have a template and thumbnail templates available for you to use for the
pieces and guidelines in the templates if you wish to enlarge the image for printing later on.

     The cover will feature our mascot, Zinnie. References for Zinnie will be given but
outside of that, how you portray them is up to you and the theme as they are gender fluid.
Please ensure that different elements of the image are separated. They can be flattened
elements but having the character separate from the background and the foreground from
the character and background will give us the most leeway on ensuring that your piece can
look its best on our cover. This will allow us to overlap your image over some of our cover
elements, etc.

     The collaborations can be of any characters the collab sketch artists have the
rights/permission to use.

      All Artists are expected to hand in each stage of their work (sketch, inks, flats,
coloured) as each stage of the pieces will be showcased in the ‘zine, with a full page on the
finished pieces and quarter pages for the sketch/ inks/etc. Collab artists are expected to
follow the stage due dates while the cover artist does not have to. We will also require that
all artists write a short note (35-70 words) of their process for each stage they complete with
the intention of it being included in the publication. Please keep in mind that alterations or
omissions of parts or all of the provided text may occur as each page does have limited
space. We will of course make every effort to keep as much in as we can and to have you
approve any alterations.

Artist Team & Communication

All current issue artists will be introduced to one another in a group email and given the opportunity to join the Discord server. They will get access to the special artist only discussion channels within the larger WildElement Studios server. (Feel free to mute the other categories if you do not wish to participate outside of Canvas Swap’s section.)

PLEASE NOTE: Your involvement will be secret until your reveal date so please so not discuss or tell others until then!
(Reveal dates will be decided with the group.)

  1. Email will be the primary mode of file sending and communication for each issues
    artists. You will be expected to respond to the group emails so that all artists know
    what is going on unless you feel the need to contact the organizer privately for
    questions or concerns.
  2. The artists are also encouraged to use the official (private) artist chat on Discord as
    long as decisions/notes/files/important info make it to email. This is to allow for more
    streamlined discussion.

'Zine Format

  1. Physical ‘Zine: 5.5×8.5” – 25 initial physical copies will be made of each ‘zine.
  2. Digital PDF: 5.5×8.5” – These will be available in unlimited quantities in our ‘zine


  1. There will be 25 physical copies* made of each ‘zine (subject to change.) 5 copies will be mailed (free of charge) to each party involved; Collab Artists, Cover Artist and Canvas Swap. Each artist may sell their copies however they wish (in bundles, as an
    auction, solo, etc) for however much they wish. Canvas Swap’s copies may be used for marketing, sales, events/auctions, book bundles, etc., with the aim to make back overhead and expansion costs. If funding allows, re-printing may occur until up to one year after initial release. After one year, no more physical copies will be made, unless other agreements are made with the artists involved. We may print extra copies to send away for zine reviews, awards, etc.
  2. Each issue will contain a profile section that will showcase the name, profile image and URLs provided by each artist.
  3. Each issue will be advertised on the ‘zine social media, website, etc., and will include links to the artists involved. If the artists @ the Canvas Swap accounts when posting ‘zine sale offers, cropped previews of their works, etc we will be happy to spread the word!

Larger runs may happen if funding/sales increase beyond covering our base costs to run!
If an artist wishes to purchase extra copies of ‘zines for themselves for initial release or during the year following the release of the ‘zine, they may do so by contacting us (keep in mind there may be a minimum order of 10-25 depending on our print source at the time. If you want to order extras at the beginning, to be included in your free 5, let us know in advance, there may be printing costs for extra’s beyond your free 5.)

Licensing & Rights

  1. By accepting a position as an issue’s artist, you are granting Canvas Swap (WildElement Studios) the exclusive rights, for one month after the initial release, than non-exclusive rights thereafter to reproduce your pieces created for the ‘zine and your likeness (in the form of the artist bio/profile section) in the ‘zine and in promotional material for the ‘zine, both digitally and in print, until 11:59PM MST, Dec 31st, 2027.
    1. You are permitted to post teaser images of your pieces as you work on them as long as they are small cropped portions of the image that do not reveal the entire piece. We request that you link back to the project when posting these.
    2. At this time, live streaming your piece is not allowed unless specific agreements are made for specific circumstances like events or other agreed promotional viewings. Feel free to ask!
    3. Reprinting may occur if we can secure the funds to do so, however ‘zines will only remain in print for one year after their creation, unless other agreements are made with the artists involved. After that it will no longer be printed but will
      remain available in digital format in the Canvas Swap store.

      1. Reprinting will only occur through Canvas Swap, you may not reprint the zine yourself unless given written permission from the Canvas Swap staff.
  2. As each issue’s “Completed Images” are considered a collaborative work, all three artists – having had a hand in the creation of all three images – will agree that print/posting and reproduction rights of the final images will belong to all the artists
    involved (and to Canvas Swap, as detailed is part 1.) This means that each artist can sell, print, post, etc the final works AS LONG as credit is cited for each artist involved upon selling it, either as part of the description of the image and/or detailed on the back of the printed piece. (Web sized versions with a Canvas Swap watermark will be provided within 1 month after initial release.) Each sketch phase will belong to the individual artist that created it while the inked phases belong to both the sketch and ink artists involved.

    1. We also request that in the description of your uploads, you credit the owner of the characters portrayed.
  3. Please note that if you accept to take part in this and drop out before completing your workload, Canvas Swap reserves the right to have someone else re-sketch/ink/colour the works you may have already completed and continue from there. The characters will be changed but the poses/outfits may be similar depending on time constraints. Dropping out may result in a temporary ban from working on another ‘zine for at least 3 issues. 2 drop outs and you may end up banned from working on our ‘zines again at all in the future.
  4. Canvas Swap, it’s branding, Mascot (Zinnie) and all associated designs (website, ‘zine layouts, etc) are all © to Canvas Swap (WildElement Studios). You will not use any of the characters or designs associated with Canvas Swap without written

Applications and Waitlists

We accept 2D artists of all kinds! Just please understand that there are only three collaboration artists per issue, one solo cover artist and only four issues per year. We are looking for those who enjoy collaborative work, those who understand that it means putting your work in someone else’s hands, that they might slightly edit things in their stage, and being able to adapt to the styles of your peers enough to complete your stages of the work.

All artists must apply through our application form. Please come with an open mind and remember that the drawing subject of each image may vary and we encourage all characters and subject matter as long as they are PG, legal, aren’t hateful, discriminatory, etc.

While we aim to not have repeat artists within the same year, we appreciate any artists who are willing to be put on the wait list as backups in case a spot goes unfilled or someone drops out. (You can apply for this on the application form!)

Apply Here

If you have questions or concerns please contact us!