Issue 2 Live – Quarter 3 Updates

Patreon and Ko-fi Updates

Ko-fi has been upgraded to now have simple and CHEAP CAD subscriptions! Just want the zine and don’t want to deal with Patreon?
We got you!

  • Subscribe for $5 CAD (~$3.8USD) a month and on every third payment, you get the current issue’s PDF
  • You get a free event announcement challenge guess for each payment and all the event content automatically (Some might be subscriber only)
  • You get the telegram sticker pack and all the updates
  • Subscribe March 31st, June 30th, Sept 30th or Dec 31st to get issues the day they come out

Ko-fi now hosts are quarterly goals. Once Patreon payments go through, the difference between what we got and the next goal listed on Patreon, will be put over to our Ko-fi goal with the aim of reaching that goal before the quarter is over. These goals are to make the project bigger and better while also being able to pay our artists (and eventually our staff.)

Subscribe to Ko-fi

Patreon’s first paid quarter has begun! A big thank you to our supporters there! Even $1 is super helpful and gets you tons of behind the scenes content! Vote on future themes, ask artists questions, get your name in the supporter section of our website, automatically get all the event content and MORE!

All PDF and Physical copies can be upgraded to be signed copies and more tiers are available with other goodies too!

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Issue #2: Steampunk is now live in store!

Get your copy now and enjoy 20 pages of art, behinds the scenes and more!
Issue 3 and 4 have artists chosen already and 3 (Light & Dark) is underway!

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