Artist Interview: Thea


Canvas Swap is pleased to bring you an artist interview of our Canvas Swap Issue 1 cover artist, Thea! Check out her works at:

EchoesLight | Twitter | Facebook


1) How long have you been a professional artist and what inspires you to create?

Since 2008! Most of my inspiration comes from film and the furry/fantasy illustration community online. Everyone makes such amazing stuff and I want to be in on the party.


2) What tools did you use to create your pieces? Care to share a photo of your setup?

I started digitally using Clip Studio paint to create the concept and then the fleshed out sketch. I projected that onto a canvas and used Golden Fluid Acrylics for the final execution.


3) What was your favourite part about working on Canvas Swap Issue 1?

Getting to draw my first zebra and coming up with an African themed fantasy outfit!


4) Can you tell us what inspired your cover image? Are there any work in progress shots you’d like to share? Were there any particularly difficult parts of the creation? Was there something you really enjoyed about it?

The general theme across the collabs was fantasy and I wanted to go for a comic book cover appeal with lots of linear action. At certain points I needed to mask off areas to still be able to make large sweeping brush strokes for finishing the background. Little did I know masking fluid goes bad and stinks to high heaven; I almost died making this painting x__x but fell in love with painting traditionally- I hope to be making more originals!


5) Are you selling copies of the zine or prints/merch/originals from the project and where can our viewers find them?

Yes! The original painting is still available over on
There are also prints and merch available on Society 6 and Redbubble


6) If you had one piece of advice to give to aspiring artists, what would it be?

Composition should be #1 in your skill set. A good composition will make a person fall in love with an image even if they don’t like the subject! Books like “Framed Ink” by Marcos Mateu-Mestre and “Creative Illustration” by Andrew Loomis tell you everything you need to know!

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