Issue 3 Artist Applications, Final Issue 2 Event & Adspace!

Issue 3 Artist Applications

It is time! Issue 3 artist applications are due June 1st so don’t wait to get your application in!

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Final Issue 2 Artist Reveal Event

Issue 2 is almost complete and we have one final artist reveal event to do!
So from June 1st-3rd, our final event will happen! It will be the usual style of event, with Telegram stickers to unlock, announcements to reveal but this time, prices have changed to be more in your guys favour! So, make sure to read the notification images thoroughly and/or the side bar on Ko-fi before participating!

Issue 2 Adspace

We have all adspace types available in Issue 2 and the due date to get yours in the zine is June 15th.
Most prices have been reduced and TRADES are available in some cases! (If you are a convention/event/publication/etc that would like to trade adspace, please contact us!)

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