Issue 2 Artist Reveal Event #3!

Issue 2 Artist Reveal Event #3!

Doing things a little differently this time around! The first 3 people to solve this riddle will get a prize!

What do you get when you combine pokemon, penguins and a carbonated beverage? The next issue 2 artist! Find them on our page where social media flocks, then @ us there to win a digital prize!


Hint #1:  

Prize: Telegram sticker pack, Issue 1 PDF and Issue 2 when it is released July 1st!

While we do have one milestone still available to unlock on our Ko-fi, no purchases are necessary, nor do they help at all, to solve the riddle and get the riddle prize pack: just your sleuthing skills are needed!

Good luck! We will update this blog post when the riddle has been solved by the first 3 people.

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