Artist Reveal Event & Mailing List

We’ve got some fun news ahead!

First up, we’ve got another artist reveal event this weekend. May 18th-20th over on our Ko-fi!
This time around, “Ask Zinnie” will not be available as our primary artist is dealing with an arm injury. HOWEVER, we still will have telegram stickers to update and an announcement challenge to reveal our next Issue 2 artist. As per usual, you can of course preorder the issue 2 zine PDF with your donations as well so don’t forget to get in on that as the price will go up once released!

Speaking of events, if you are heading to Fur-Eh 2018 this year, be sure to check out WildElement Studios/Temrin’s table, as we will have a little dedicated corner there that will have buttons, fliers, physical zine copies and possibly some other goodies!

We now have an email newsletter! Life is busy and we know not everyone can keep up with checking the site and social media all the time so we have started a mailing list so that updates and blog posts will go directly to your inbox! No more fishing around for updates and information. If you are interested, please sign up here.

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