Artist Interview: Temrin


Canvas Swap is pleased to bring you an artist interview of one of our Canvas Swap Issue 1 artists, Temrin! Check out her works at:

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1) How long have you been creating? Is it your profession or just a hobby?

Heck, I’ve been creating things since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Whether it was sewing badly made accessories and costumes from my mothers fabric scraps, taping and gluing things together to make crafts or taking whatever drawing utensil I could find and finding a suitable surface, I’ve always been creating. (Surprisingly, I don’t think I ever drew on the walls as many kids do.) Art and design have been my passion for a long time and has become my career. I am a professional artist and it is (usually) my sole income. Being your own boss is tough but the creative freedom is worth it to me even if it is a struggle in other ways.


2) What drove you to apply/participate in Canvas Swap? 

Collaborations and art trades used to be a big thing in my life before it became my profession, as such my time to do fun projects like this that didn’t generate direct income, dwindled. This project intrigued me since it took collaborations a step further to include 3 wonderful artists all doing something together. Getting copies to sell was a great bonus as it is always so cool to see your work in print and the networking between those involved is a great boost for the hermit artist since it can really be hard to make connections. (I also just generally really like the idea of Canvas Swap.)


3) What tools did you use to create your pieces? Care to share a photo of your setup?

In this case, my work was solely digital, though not all pieces I work on are this way. Often times you’ll find me carrying a sketchbook around, doodling concepts and ideas for various projects, if not working traditionally, which I do a lot more of these days. I used SAI to sketch up my piece and coloured my sketch lines a bit so that things were clearer for myself and for the other artists who would need to take on inking and colouring it later on.


My setup varies depending on the piece however for this one, I worked solely at my digital work desk in my office. (I also have a traditional art “desk” which is basically me taking over half the dining room table with a portable drafting table and all my supplies on or under the table. Haha) I adorn my desk with a variety of items so its a little cluttered but I like surrounding myself with things that make me happy, which usually ranges from art, to books, plush, figurines and more!

Temrin crocheted plush made by Vombatiformes | VancouFur “Atomic Cola” badge by Dragonmanmike | Glittery Temrin badge by Toxxic_ace | ChaineMaille Temrin (hard to see) by Ichi_black | Badge on printer by Sixel | Calendar by Inkpawz


4) What was your favourite part about working on Canvas Swap Issue 1?

It was such an awesome experience to collaborate with Nanz and Memokkeen. I’ve known them both a very long time and admire their works a lot so it was very neat to see our styles come together and I’m very proud of what we accomplished.


5) What inspired your sketch and why did you choose those specific characters? Care to show any references or other images of your characters? 

For my sketch, I had a few characters I wanted to draw for this project but eventually it came down to drawing a character I bought from Orange04 many years ago, who still lacks a name and really, any other details. (One day I will flesh out his character. This was a good chance to experiment however!) But I really love my golden dragon boy. His design is really special to me.

Art above (in order) drawn by Orange04 | Nutcase | Draaz


6) Are you selling copies of the zine or images from the project and where can our viewers find them?

Oh yes! I will have physical copies (official and graffiti copies) available at Fur-Eh 2018 and online after that on social media and Etsy. If I have any left they will also be available at Howloween 2018 and VancouFur 2019.


You can also find merch/prints/etc of the pieces on my Redbubble (Piece 1, 2, 3) and Teepublic (Piece 1, 2, 3)


7) If you had one piece of advice to give to aspiring artists, what would it be?

Keep learning and network with others! There is always more to learn and try so don’t be afraid to experiment! As for networking, this is so important. In my opinion, artists are kin and should help one another when possible. Boost eachother’s posts, take interest in eachothers works and do cool things with other artists! Don’t force it of course but social media, networks and local meetups are great places to meet people, learn and heck, you might even make a friend along the way. Don’t stop creating!


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