Artist Interview: Memokkeen


Canvas Swap is pleased to bring you an artist interview of one of our Canvas Swap Issue 1 artists, Memokkeen! Check out her works at:

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1) How long have you been creating? Is it your profession or just a hobby?

Gosh, legends say I was already playing with pens as a baby and that during a field trip to an art museum in kindergarten, I was the sole child who was actually drawn into the paintings! Honestly I can’t remember a time when art would have not interested me… but it’s always been a hobby, or a passion, rather than a profession of mine. But one could say I’ve done professional work with convention sales, creating products, taking part and managing various art projects, etc – so I would label myself as a passionate hobbyist, if I had to brand myself in one way or another.


2) What drove you to apply/participate in Canvas Swap? 

Collaborations have always been a big thing for me. I just love the concept of creating something together, there’s something so fun and pure about the whole process that it was hard for me to think of reasons why wouldn’t I want to take part in Canvas Swap!


3) What tools did you use to create your pieces? Care to share a photo of your setup?

Haha, welcome to my cave of chaos! It’s a little work-nest I have underneath our bunk bed.
I sketched my own sketch with Staedler 2B & 6B led pencils, plus a red and blue Derwent pencil for some guidelines. I also made quick flats for further clarification where’s what in Clip Studio Paint, which I used to both ink Temrin’s work, and colour Nanz’s!


4) What was your favourite part about working on Canvas Swap Issue 1?

It’s a tie between sketching my own characters and colouring Nanz’s – I had a lot of fun with everything, but if I’d have to point out a favourite, it’d be one or the other!


5) What inspired your sketch and why did you choose those specific characters? Care to show any references or other images of your characters? 

The theme was loosely set as “fantasy” and it had to be original, so of course I thought of my own fantasy power couple. These two have been with me since I was 13-14 in different shapes and forms, and have grown up with me and let me have exciting adventures with them. I love them a lot, so I end up commissioning art of them often, but I haven’t yet gotten to the point of drawing them out to my heart’s content! I’m not very good with animals, but I am very fond of Hashrik’s wolf-form, so I decided to challenge myself with my sketch to draw Hashrik as a wolf, and to draw Zaimas’ sword (which was designed by the talented Elsevilla based off a rough sketch concept by me!)


6) Are you selling copies of the zine or images from the project and where can our viewers find them?

Sure am! I’ll be selling them at
Stockholm International Comic Festival May 5-6 2018
Helsinki Comic Festival Sept 1-2 2018
Stockholm Comic Con! Sept 14-16 2018
or until I run out! 🙂 Possibly in the UK in next year’s Confuzzled, we will see!
And you can always just message me on social media and buy a copy directly if you so choose! (if I have any left!)


7) If you had one piece of advice to give to aspiring artists, what would it be?

I’ve got 2: Practise your boring basics like perspective, anatomy, colour theory etc – it will help you so much on the long run, I promise. And 2: draw what you love. Don’t force yourself to draw whatever’s popular; make what YOU love popular!


8) Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Just my heartfelt thanks to Temrin and Nanz for sharing their art and skills with me, and to you, dear reader and watcher, for your time and interest!

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