Hello and welcome to Canvas Swap!

We will keep this post as short and sweet as possible but we have a few things to share so bear with us.


Thank You’s
Our new site is up and running thanks to the help of the very awesome DragonManMike, who allowed us to pick his brain and also helped fix issues we could not fix ourselves, so go check out his work! He is an artist of many talents!

There are a few things we are still working on, site-wise, so bear with us while we work on it. (Lacking a proper mobile display due to theme issues, a few inconsistencies, etc.) If you find any bugs, typos, etc., please sent them to Canvas Swap, here.

We want to give a huge thank you to all our donors who have made Canvas Swap possible for 2018 and donated to help us reach our start up cost goals! Bozo Lummox, Korozar, Naiser, Anbessa, Skyican, Thea, Akonite, Kody “OmniOtter” Orpurt, TLD, Memokkeen, Fala, WDG, Khanaar, Brandon Cyr, Asalis, Choco, Seanz, Tyins and a few others who did not provide names to be included in the first issue. We also want to thank Thea, Rhari, Supernova, and a few others whom have been a big help during start up with feedback on a lot of CSZ items and for their amazing support. We couldn’t have done this without all of you!


Canvas Swap Issue #1
Our first issue is coming out late march and pre-orders are open! The featured artists are Nanzdraws, Temrin and Memokkeen while our cover artist is Thea.
Pre-Order Issue #1 Here


2018 Events
Last but not least, we have events that we will be at this year!
March 8-11th 2018: VancouFur (Dealers Den Table #1: WildElement Studios)
June 14-17th 2018: Fur-eh (Dealers Den Table TBA)
Our fliers may also show up at other conventions even if we may not be present!


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