What is Canvas Swap?

Zinnie The Zebra (Mascot)

Canvas Swap is a collaborative art ‘zine that showcases the works of three collaborative artists and 1 solo cover artist per issue. It’s purpose is to bring artists together to promote networking and kinship, not competition. The collaborative artists contribute to 3 unique images, each taking on a different stage for each image; Sketch, inks or colours.

We support artists of all kinds and while our publication has a 2D visual art focus, we are happy to host all kinds of styles and creatures in our publications as long as they follow our PG rating and does not promote hate, discrimination, etc.

Canvas Swap and Zinnie the Zebra are owned and run by WildElement Studios, who are based in Canada.

This ‘zine would not be possible without the help of Thea, Rhari, Supernova and a few others for their support and feedback, DragonManMike who helped with the website as well as our donors who helped us meet our start up and running costs for 2018! You all helped make this happen!

Interested in being a Canvas Swap artist? Apply here!

Zinnie is an energetic golden Zebra with a passion for art and creativity. While not a 2D visual artist themselves, Zinnie can usually be found dressing up, acting, crafting and promoting artists in one way or another. They are gender fluid and they may appear in a variety of forms in our publications.

Zinnie fanart is welcome! Just please keep it respectful and PG/SFW as that is the rating for our publications. Please link back to CSZine.com (or link our relevant social media) in your posts! We would love to fave and share them with our followers!

Got questions for Zinnie? Ask them here and check out the previous questions there or below.