What is Canvas Swap?

Canvas Swap is a collaborative art ‘zine that showcases the works of three collaborative artists and 1 solo cover artist per issue. It’s purpose is to bring artists together to promote networking and kinship, not competition. The collaborative artists contribute to 3 unique images, each taking on a different stage for each image; Sketch, inks or colours.

We support artists of all kinds and while our publication has a 2D visual art focus, we are happy to host all kinds of styles and creatures in our publications as long as they follow our PG rating and does not promote hate, discrimination, etc.

Canvas Swap and Zinnie the Zebra are owned and run by WildElement Studios, who are based in Canada.

This ‘zine would not be possible without the help of Thea, Rhari, Supernova and a few others for their support and feedback, DragonManMike who helped with our first website as well as our donors who helped us meet our start up and running costs for 2018! You all helped make this happen!

Interested in being a Canvas Swap artist? Apply here!


This page is a work in progress!
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Artist Application

First and foremost, we want this project to be fun and enjoyable for those involved. We want to promote a good collaborative and friendly environment for all our artists and encourage networking during each issue’s progress.

Please understand that there are only three collaboration artists per issue, one solo cover artist per issue and only 2 issues per year. As such, we may not be able to accommodate everyone! We will certainly do our best but please do not take it to heart if we cannot place you!

There are ~3 months of work time per issue with deadlines for each stage of the collaborative pieces. Artists are expected to be able to complete their portions for each deadline so that they can be passed on to the next artist and so everyone has enough time to complete their stages until completion.

The cover artist has the entire 3 months to work on their piece for the cover, start to finish and is expected to be a fully coloured and shaded piece unless the theme conflicts and/or an alternative approach is agreed upon.

Please be sure to read ALL of the sections below before applying. You must be at least 19 years of age (and a legal adult in your area of residence) to participate.


*While we do curate our affiliates, we are not responsible for external content and said content may have a different rating then our site.

Super Sponsors

Super Sponsors are people who have supported the project through our Super Sponsor Patreon Tier or have helped fund the project with $200+ donations/purchases. (Super Sponsor Patreon Tier includes a character icon.)

Patreon Sponsors

These are our currently active $3+ Patreon sponsors. Become a patron today and get your name here!

Bozo Lummox, Tibo, Kody Orpurt (OmniOtter), WDG

Ko-Fi Sponsors

This lists all those who have supported the project over on Ko-fi

These supporters helped right from the start and made CSZ possible in the first place.

Bozo Lummox | Korozar | Naiser | Anbessa | Skyican | Tibo | Thea | Akonite | Kody “OmniOtter” Orpurt | TLD | Memokkeen | Fala | WDG | Khanaar | Brandon Cyr | Asalis | Choco | Seanz | Tyins

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get a Physical Zine?
You can get a physical zine through our Patreon or through each of our artists’ pages. Artist sales are reblogged/posted about on our social media.

I heard you have ad space available in each issue?
Correct! We will have some updated information coming soon!

I see you take donations... Where does this money go?
All income to the project goes right back into the project to cover running costs. These costs consist of (but aren’t limited to) yearly website/domain costs, marketing, printing, shipping, supplies, and more! We also of course try to have a little padding in case we have any emergencies come up, for example, an issue with a print run and having to do it again/express shipping.

At this time, our artists are compensated with copies of the zine to sell for their own profit and our staff are unpaid volunteers. While many of us participate because we believe in the project, we know that it is not sustainable long term if we cannot give more compensation for all the hard work that goes into this zine. More information on our goals and income breakdowns on Patreon

Our current artist compensation and application details can be found at here.